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Our story.


It was time for a fresh perspective.

As Longsight, we entered the open source market in 2001 with a focus on learning management systems. During that time, we learned a thing or two about the challenges you face dealing with academic integrity. Likewise, our clients were frustrated with the services provided by the original service providers.

Plagiarism was not a simple wrong. Nor was it a new problem. And as technology continues to change the way we find and reuse information, plagiarism was going to continue to play an important role in the lives of students and educators. A new solution was needed.

So we developed VeriCite. Our goal?

To offer clients a solution that enriches learning environments by making it incredibly easy to verify originality – backed by our technological expertise and unrivaled responsive service.

VeriCite goes beyond simply catching plagiarized work. It helps instructors engage students in important conversations about attribution, proper citations and the impacts of plagiarism.

With VeriCite at your side and Longsight expertise behind you, you can feel confident you have a reliable solution for assessing originality that's easier to use, easier to integrate and easier on the budget.

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