Today, Internet tools empower us all to find and reuse information.

They also increase the need to make sure it’s properly cited.
But assessing originality shouldn’t be complex, time consuming or frustrating.

We know a thing or two about the challenges you face when it comes to dealing with academic integrity. We also understand your time is limited. So, we’re making it easier to detect plagiarism, allowing you to focus on more important matters.

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VeriCite is a cloud-based tool that identifies plagiarism by comparing submitted work against an ever-expanding database of sources. Unlike its competitors, it offers many key benefits.


Seamless integration

VeriCite integrates seamlessly with a broad range of learning management systems.

Ease of use

It’s simple and intuitive.

Ownership of student submissions

You retain ownership of your students’ submissions, even if you change services or your LMS.

Responsive support

VeriCite is backed by our highly regarded team which has years of experience supporting technology in education.

Lower costs

VeriCite is affordable and doesn’t require a restrictive contract


How it works.


We are working to build the most comprehensive and relevant database of academic content so you can evaluate with confidence the originality of student work.

VeriCite compares submissions against a massive database of academic content. Each day, approximately one million new sources are added, based on the topics and sources students are using, including:

  • Publicly accessible, academically oriented content
  • Creative Commons OER content
  • The Common Crawl
  • All of English Wikipedia and more

And we work with publishers to continually expand the database with licensed content.

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