What makes VeriCite easier to use?


VeriCite clearly flags suspect submissions for quick identification.

Instructors can review and grade anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Students can preview their submission and make adjustments prior to finally submitting to the instructor for review. This encourages the student to learn independently and saves the instructor from having to review multiple rough drafts.

Vericite identifying plagiarism
Vericite plagiarism check

VeriCite links directly to sources with matching content.

VeriCite grades flow to the LMS grade book that everyone is familiar with.

Instructors can comment on the submission as well as annotate individual sentences.

VeriCite compares each submission with billions of sources of academic content, publishers’ content and against your own submissions in a private repository to produce comprehensive results.


VeriCite allows you to prepopulate your private repository with submissions from previous years and even other plagiarism detection services. This rapidly increases the scope of plagiarism checking among work submitted within your institution.

VeriCite does not use your students’ work to detect plagiarism anywhere else.

VeriCite reports are updated each time they are viewed, so results are always the most current.

VeriCite catches self-plagiarism if a student submits the same paper in different courses while allowing multiple drafts to be submitted to one course.

Vericite plagiarism software

VeriCite detects and does not report bibliographies which almost always contain matching materials.

VeriCite’s comparison algorithms have been tuned to eliminate false positives.

If you stop using VeriCite all submissions in your private repository are purged.

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